This is an article of Dr Sajjan version 2.0 transformed by 2023

{Drafted as a journalist writing about Dr Sajjan on December 30th 2023}

Dr Sajjan Madappally Is the pioneer in medical education and patient care. He has imparted skills-based healthcare training to more than 1 crore health care professionals globally. He is known for his creative way of skill-building. His platform has been recognized as the world’s best healthcare skill training platform. 

He is a visionary who took on his passion and experience of being a doctor to empower people throughout the world in preventive healthcare. He has a patient helpline center, head office at Bangalore to provide services on domestic and international medical tourism. Three months a year he travels globally along with his family on an educational trip. He operates mainly from his residence with a remote core team working with him. 

His healthcare software “Call My Health” is now used by medical professionals globally to create high-value patient care. The technology connects people from remote places to the Tertiary healthcare facility addressing patients’ complete healthcare journey. 

Dr Sajjan Madappady has touched many lives by his philanthropic activities. He has been an inspiration for many healthcare entrepreneurs. He is now training healthcare entrepreneurs in nurturing their ideas to make it a reality. 

Dr Sajjan Madappady has been running more than 1000 unique healthcare internship training programs. Students certified through his training have been considered as the best-skilled students. The top healthcare career positions globally have a huge demand for students training through his academy.

Dr Sajjan Madappady also works as the healthcare advisor for the government of India. He is the advisor for the World Health Organisation on remote healthcare. He has established an Art of Healthcare training institute where students from all over the world study medical skills, management, communication, leadership, technology, graphics and many more skills. 

While managing all these domains, most of his time is dedicated to his family and friends. He lives very close to nature.